Play It: Corporation Inc

Corporation Inc is a real time strategy game about building a business from the ground up. Literally. You own a soon to be mega-corporation and make all the decisions. You build the offices, hire the staff, provide elevators and restrooms, and motivate your workers to earn more money per click of their mouse finger. Though the game play never evolves beyond drag and drop, there is a refreshing sense of achievement when you complete even the most mundane objective on the game's task bar. These range from learning to move on the screen to building an elaborate hook system to deliver employees to their respective offices.

There are so many options in construction and hiring that the game can probably never be played the same way twice. Do you hire all office workers and little management, or do you hire a lot of management to force a smaller group of office workers to earn more money individually for the company? Do you research all kinds of developments at once, or level up just the hiring system to promote workers faster? And what about mood-boosting decor? Is it enough to earn a free cat every "x" employees hired or should you start spending money on plants, water coolers, and vending machines?

Corporation Inc is easy enough to be played right away by anyone but expansive enough in its nebulous goal of growing a company to be played for a long time. Just do yourself a favor and sign up for an Armor Games account. There is nothing more frustrating than going back to your game and seeing your 100 floor mega corporation has turned into an empty screen with the "learn to control the game" objective highlighted on the bottom screen.

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