Play It: Super Hexagon

I think it's pretty clear by now that I like a well planned game with simple mechanics. Gaming should not be difficult because you struggle to memorize the control scheme or the controls don't even work. The challenge should come from the game design itself. Super Hexagon is the hardest simple game you'll ever play. Terry Cavanagh, the evil genius behind the so easy to play you forget it's insane puzzle platformer VVVVVV, has created an action/maze game that you will never be perfect at. You can't be. The levels are randomly generated and continue until you die.

You are a triangle on a hexagon shaped field. Using left and right alone, you must avoid the ever enclosing series of panels crashing toward you. These can come in any combo from one to five walls in an endless assault on your mind and reflexes. The triangle moves quickly, but so do the wall. Hold the left or right control too long and you've lost.

There is a free to play version of Super Hexagon available online (I spotted it on Newgrounds first, so that get's the link) but it's not what the game is optimized for. This is an iOS game that understands the needs of a mobile gamer. You hold the iPad or iPod with two hands and tap the left or right side of the screen to move. That's it. No tilting, no zooming, just touching. It could not be easier to control.

For a game that will most likely kill you in the first 10 seconds on your first play, Super Hexagon has a very high replay value. The whole presentation is so slick that you'll want to come back and do better. I'm quite proud of my high score of 15.8 seconds. I've played at least 50 times since scoring that high and haven't come close to repeating it. That should be a pretty good indicator of difficulty.

The game is on sale at the iTunes app store right now for $0.99. It's worth a lot more. It's crazy to think that a maze game for iOS should be up for Game of the Year consideration, but this is no typical action/maze game. It's one of the more user friendly mind benders to come out in years. We're talking Tetris level accessibility with [insert FPS of choice] Insane level difficulty.

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