Play It: Words and Physics

On this edition of Play It, we look at a novel spin on a well-worn physics puzzle engine. Words and Physics is a new online puzzle game from Turbo Nuke/keyboi available at Newgrounds. The objective is obvious to online puzzle fans: knock the target object off it's platform by any means necessary. How Words and Physics is in the conceit of the game itself: it's text-based puzzles.

You use your mouse and keyboard to type, delete, and highlight the "REMOVEME" text off the screen. Sometimes. you just need to delete a word platform. Other times, you need to spell out specific words to cause chain reaction. The mechanics constantly evolve, adding new difficulty with each level.

Words and Physics transforms from simply following onscreen directions to figuring out the correct word to cause a certain reaction. What word can ignite a bomb? How about rising a plank from a pit to topple a precariously perched "REMOVEME" block from the screen? And how do you manipulate all those different actions without a single clue on the screen?

The game, so far, only has 18 levels. However, the difficulty level rises high enough that it will keep you occupied for quite some time.

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The Link Rally: 13 December 2011