The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Coming 4 November

People, this is not a drill. We finally have a release date for the HD reimagining of The Binding of Isaac. On 4 November, prepare to be sucked back into one of the most bizarre, compelling, disturbing, and addictive games of all time. In case you missed out the first time around, allow me to catch you up. Isaac lives with his mother. His mother believes that God is talking to her and she must prove her faith by disciplining Isaac. She takes away his toys, his possessions, and eventually his clothing. Then she's told to sacrifice her son to prove her fealty. Isaac escapes into the labyrinthine basement, forced to fight deadly monsters with nothing but his tears and anything he can find to help him.

The NSFW trailer for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is below the jump. NSFW. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Of course they use that song. I don't quite understand why they need so many naked and tattooed adults to represent Isaac, but I'll let the pixelated privates slide for showing off more footage than ever of the new game.

This is going to be hard, people. I mean, The Binding of Isaac is hard on its own, but there are consistencies. In Rebirth, the rooms vary in size. There is an explosion of new items and enemies to unlock. And, best of all, we know next to nothing about the game. Everyone is being very tight-lipped beyond what we've seen come off the official website and out of a brief streaming session at PAX Prime.

The game costs $14.99 and can be preordered now for PC, PS4, and Vita. If you already own The Binding of Isaac on Steam, you get a significant discount on the preorder. It's worth it.

Check out the only official gameplay video we have so far featuring one of my favorite Twitch streamers, ManVSGame.

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