Watch: ZombiU Trailer

Nintendo must be doing something right this time around to get real developers working on real games for the Wii U. Not that the Wii was a GameCube by any stretch of the imagination. It's just the simplified control scheme for the motion control console posed certain challenges for developers. The result was a whole lot of shovelware and watered down ports of other properties. Not this time around. The Wii U, with its HD graphics and honest to goodness dual control sticks, is attracting real games for launch. One of these is a new zombie game from Ubisoft called ZombiU.

Yes, the trailer isn't actual gameplay footage. I don't care at this point. It's beautiful. The HD graphics pop and the conceit--a moving photograph of the zombie apocalypse as it starts in London--is good. It's certainly elevated by the dirge-like punk interpretation of "God Save the Queen."

The trailer is NSFW due to massive blood and brain matter loss.

The tagline at the end of the video makes me think we might get a new zombie gaming experience. "How Long Will You Survive?" Could this be some kind of open-ended exploration/survival game rather than a narrative game with hope of resolution? That's exciting.

What do you think? Is Nintendo going to win over any "hardcore" gamers with this kind of launch title? Sound off below.

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