Zombie Squash, aka Bunny vs Plant Zombies

We all knew it would happen eventually. Plants Vs. Zombies, the silly little tower defense game that could, was so successful that other studios would have to launch their own versions of the game. The key to the continued success of Plants Vs. Zombies is the actual quality of the game. A few impostors have come and gone already, but none have turned out as well or built a similar following. The highest profile also ran is Zombie Squash. Instead of zombies, you have literal zombie squash. You play as a rabbit with a carrot gun shooting them down. The design of the game is suspiciously similar to Plants Vs. Zombies until you realize that it's just another garden-set defense game. They all start to blend together with grass and dirt grids.

What stands out is an actual endorsement by George A. Romero for the game. He's now a character in the game and has recorded a promo video. He seems to get a kick out of it.

Zombie Squash is going to launch a Kickstarter project soon to finish up the game. I'll reserve judgment on the content and intentions until the page goes live.

Thoughts? I'm really on the fence about it. What do you think?

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