New Dead by Daylight Player Test Build is Live + Teasers for Next Chapter

New Dead by Daylight Player Test Build is Live + Teasers for Next Chapter

Have you wondered how I can get a review up of an entire new chapter of DBD within a day of it officially releasing? The Player Test Build, or PTB for short, allows any player on PC to opt into essentially a public beta for the new chapter. You get to test out the new killer, the new survivor, all their new perks, the new map, and all the new optimization updates before the game goes live. Behaviour Interactive is a relatively small studio to run such a massively popular multiplayer game, so the PTB gives them valuable feedback on what is and isn’t working.

Today, the PTB for the next chapter goes live. I do not deal in advanced spoilers on this site and will not provide you that information here.

What I will tell you is how to get onto the PTB. First, if you have Steam open already, you’re going to have to restart it. Open your games library and find Dead by Daylight. Right click on the title to open up the Properties. Click on the BETAS tab and select “public-test - PTB” on the drop down menu. The game will start to install.


Be aware that you are installing essentially the entire game over again, so the download is big. The new PTB is 4.5 GB. You also need to go back through that process and choose “NONE - opt out of all beta programs” to play the live release again. This will reinstall the main game.

While I won’t give out spoilers, I will share the three teasers Behaviour gave us for the next chapter. The first is an image of what we assume is the new map. It is a ski lodge. We might finally have a winter level.

The second is an another image featuring a masked person staring in a mirror and holding a knife. Four names are carved into and crossed out on the wood next to the mirror. We don’t know if this is the killer or not, as the teasers for Shattered Bloodline showed a murder that wasn’t committed by the killer. It’s just really cool concept art that I want to share.

The third is the splash art video for the new chapter: title revealed in video. :p

Good luck in the PTB. I’ll be digging through to get a feel of mechanics and balance changes before combing through ever update log and video/stream I can find to get a feel for how the game will play in the new chapter. The final review is not completed until I spend every moment I can playing the new chapter when it is released to see what changes were made in response to the PTB and internal testing.

You can get your own PC copy of Dead by Daylight at the Humble Bundle store using my affiliate link. Dead by Daylight is also available on PS4 and XBox One.

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