The Link Rally: 10 January 2012

When will I grow tired of best of lists? After the Globes, before the Oscars. Scott Tunstall shows some love for 15 movies you might have missed in 2011. Gunaxin Penny Arcade deals with the fear of medication hindering creativity in typically strange fashion. Penny Arcade

In "are you kidding me?" news, Kim Novak claims The Artist has committed "rape." The victim? The score of Vertigo. Please tell me rape metaphors aren't in for 2012. MUBI

Always ready for an anniversary, Nathaniel Rogers celebrates 25 years of George Clooney in films by writing about Return to Horror High. Someone had to. The Film Experience

More stunning movie cakes were featured at Cake Wrecks on Sunday. Don't worry: Sunday is when they praise good cake decorating skills. Cake Wrecks

Wall-E and Eve Cake

Finally, Frank Wildhorn's team wasted no time in launching Bonnie & Clyde internationally. It's like they know all his shows are going to be panned on Broadway so they just focus on where he's beloved: seemingly everywhere else in the world. Tokyo gets the first international production and it looks good. Amazing how Frank Wildhorn's triumphant pop ballads transcend language barriers.

Video Game Review: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Wii)

Flick or Skip: Contraband (Opens 13 January 2012)