The Link Rally: 11 June 2012

  • FunnyJunk is threatening to sue The Oatmeal because...they host a bunch of stolen The Oatmeal comics and the creator of The Oatmeal called them out on it. I'm not understanding this lawsuit very well. The Oatmeal
  • A look into how ZombiU actually plays. Apparently the Wii U controller is an item in the game. The PA Report
  • Copyright 2.0 handles that whole IPR case mess from a couple weeks ago. Copyright 2.0
  • Here's an Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter motion comic. Shock Till You Drop
  • And here's a look at all the crazy horror movies that popped up at the New York Asian Film Festival. Fangoria
  • See, this is why I'm skeptical of streetside psychics. I had a music major friend get told that he would grow up to be a successful veterinarian. He was an operatic bass. Whomp!

Cryvoyant Whomp!

  • I've no experience with LARPing. I imagine this how to guide is accurate and helpful. Footsoldiers of the Apocalypse
  • Why, yes, Etsy does have a huge reseller problem. Here's why it's a problem for everyone. The Orange Swan Review
  • Cary Fukunaga is going to bring some eerie gothic charm to a new two film adaptation of Stephen King's It. Shock Till You Drop

Finally, find four minutes when you can watch this NSFW video. It's hilarious. A brilliant musical retort to Internet haters.

Everything New is New Again: Broadway Edition

Play It: Psychout