The Link Rally: 12 June 2012

  • New Regresty contest! Design the new must-have cross stitch sampler for April Winchell's museum of whimsy, aka her house. Regretsy
  • The creator of The Oatmeal is collecting all the money. $120,000+ for bears and cancer research. The Oatmeal
  • My fellow NJites, when will you book your tickets to see Patti LuPone perform with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra for two nights only? Playbill
  • Forget "what are Pikmin?" What is Pikmin? Even Nintendo doesn't know. Kotaku
  • Aww, look at the pretty kitt...what in the name of Prometheus is going on here? Hell Yeah Horror Manga

Cat and Monster

  • Gene Wilder was what we call a hands on actor. Here he is redesigning his Willy Wonka costume by post. Letters of Note
  • Disney is doing an exhibit on the art of Frankenweenie. Well, that's one way to be more focused that the MOMA exhibit on the art of Tim Burton. Shock Till You Drop
  • The anatomy of the common pinata will shock and delight you. Winning at Everything
  • NSFW: College Humor tests the limits of Siri. Turns out she's not good at mediating marital disputes. College Humor

Finally, someone has designed DIY Portal Loop artwork. It looks real. Must loop all the things. c/o Bit Rebels

Watch: Side by Side by Susan Blackwell: 2012 Tony Winners

What is Happening to World War Z?