The Link Rally: 13 February 2012

Downton Abbey is a gateway drug to a very specific slice of society. Penny Arcade I cannot imagine how that Spring Awakening musical will work as a film. It's all about character development through refusal to play by theatrical standards, not the story, and none of that business will work on film. Broadway World

Jim Emerson tackles the tricky divide between critics, audiences, and awards bodies. Scanners

The Academy Awards provide a useful series of portraits and character descriptions every year for the acting nominees. OTRC

I suppose if Mia Farrow will never be a nominee, Michelle Williams as Mia Farrow is good enough.

Michelle Williams

Two of these three horror news items are very good news, indeed. Too bad about that Legion TV series. Pajiba

Amazing cake Valentines. Cake Wrecks

Finally, I didn't even go into the amazing makeup in my Albert Nobbs review. Come for the masterclass in acting, stay for the brilliantly subtle makeup effects.

What You Missed: The 54th Annual Grammy Awards

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