The Link Rally: 13 January 2012

Any opportunity to talk about Kathleen Turner is a good opportunity to talk about Kathleen Turner. Take it away, Nathaniel. The Film Experience Broadway World has a great series of photos detailing the set models for the upcoming Broadway run of Rebecca. Look at that flaming staircase. Broadway World

Rebecca on Broadway

I love me some Kotaku, but I think I love Penny Arcade more. Could you imagine a gaming site making a subpage for gaming news? Shouldn't that be the site? Penny Arcade

Jillian Madison covers the upcoming Food Network series Fat Chef so I don't have to. Thanks, Jillian. Food Network Humor

It looks like that Beetlejuice sequel might actually happen now. Tim Burton's involved and no one is pitching Goes Hawaiian as a smart idea anymore. Plus, it's written by Pride & Prejudice & Zombies scribe Seth Grahame-Smith and he won't do it unless Michael Keaton is Beetlejuice. Cinema Blend

Finally, Drag Race doesn't come back until 30 January. Fortunately, we've been graced with the real trailer to the season.

Music Work: "Ophelia's Song"

Recap: Season 2, Episode 1: Face Off