The Link Rally: 16 February 2012

  • Look. Another talking animal film. This time, it's based on a YouTube video. Cinema Blend
  • The Pajiba staff look at their biggest fears as reflected in cinema. You can skip over the Paranormal Activity bullet point. There's nothing there. Pajiba
  • Can we let the Whitney Houston film Sparkle come out before we book it a Broadway theater, please? Playbill
  • I refuse to believe that Ina Garten is going all Semi-Homemade on the Food Network. Refuse. Food Network Humor
  • I can't believe the sculptures are all done with homemade paper. Dude Craft

Dude Craft

  • A look into what it takes to direct an animated feature film with the director of Puss in Boots. The Film Experience

Finally, I'm aware that this video has been spread all over the web already. However, I didn't get to post it because of the sickness on Friday. Here's Jean Dujardin playing all the villains. You have to love an actor who is willing to laugh at himself as much as Jean Dujardin.

And as a bonus, here's Jean Dujardin singing "For Me, Formidable" on Peter Traver's TV show. Who is going to give him juicy roles in musicals ala Catherine Deneuve first? Anyone? Please?

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