The Link Rally: 17 April 2012

  • I'm confused and fascinated by this Saw-themed cruise. Would it be a bigger draw if you got to try out some traps without the risk of death? Shock Till You Drop
  • The Pulitzer Prize Awards were announced yesterday. Saran Ganim, a 24 year old reporter, won the local reporting award for her coverage of the Penn State sex abuse scandal. The Mary Sue
  • Quiara Alegria Hughes won the Pulitzer for Drama for her play Water by the Spoonful. She was a finalist twice before with In the Heights and Elliot, A Soldier's Fugue. Playbill
  • And in shocking Pulitzer news, there is no 2012 prize for fiction. The jury's spin is that not awarding the prize to one book means the three finalists are all winners. Not how it goes down in the history books, jurors. Publishers Weekly
  • Until they bring those zombie runs to my area, I can at least train with the storytelling/exercise game Zombies, Run!. Kotaku
  • Here's a cool shot of the space orbiter Discovery being carried by a plane over the capital. Sad that it's leaving space. NASA


Finally, this close to NSFW edition of Chris Hardwick's Celebrity Bowling has everything you could want in a nerd/geek themed bowling web series. G4 Staff! Bowling! Professional bowler Billy Hardwick! Awkward social interactions!

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