The Link Rally: 18 January 2012

Pajiba covers two bizarre historical reimagining films. I blame you, Inglorious Basterds. Pajiba Emily L. Hauser found an amazing infographic explaining how SOPA/PIPA works and why you need to take action to stop them from passing. In My Head

Broadway World has a great series of photos from the cast recording session of Once: A New Musical. Meet Guy, Girl, and all the rest of the cast.

Katey Rich directs you to five new films from previous Sundance favorites premiering at the festival starting this weekend. John Hawkes has a leading role, you say? Cinema Blend

Rich Juzwiak created an edited version of a bizarre anti-children's media VHS from the early 1990s. Four Four

Finally, this horror film supercut is pretty solid. I'd like to see more pre-Psycho horror featured, but otherwise I approve. It's entertaining and well-constructed. It's only NSFW in how loud it is and how you might react. No gore here.

Coming Soon: Carrie: The Musical