The Link Rally: 19 December 2011

Not to get super political here, but there's a fantastic post over at Angry Black Lady that explains why rhetoric matters when discussing hot-button issues. Really wonderful piece. Angry Black Lady Nathaniel Rogers goes off in a similar vein, discussing how praising a film too much might lead to audience backlash. Don't you dare ruin The Artist for me before I get to see it, big time critics. I'm not predicting a huge roll-out ala Juno to let me sneak in right before the backlash spreads. The Film Experience

Did you hear about the death of Kim Jong Il? How about the time that he kidnapped film industry professionals when he ran his country's film industry to make special films of his own design? Mental Floss

Speaking of strange dance-friendly little men, the new Whomp! plays on a Western film rule that seems to be a little creakier than it used to be. Whomp!

I've run out of segues that don't make me cringe. Playbill decides to list everyone on Glee and say why they should be on Broadway, including the ones who have already starred in Broadway shows. Playbill

While I know my dream of the first canine nominee for Best Actor at the Oscars will die right here, I must share this video that introduces you to Cosmo. Cosmo is the dog that plays Arthur in Beginners. Arthur might be my favorite film character of 2011. Why? He gets to talk with subtitles. His handler, Matilda de Cagney, does amazing work to make Cosmo an actor in this film. Learn all about the real star of Beginners in this video.

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