The Link Rally: 2 January 2012

Roger Ebert provides a pointed six point analysis as to why movie revenues are on the decline. Spoiler: it's not just Netflix. The participants of Operation Kino spend two hours fighting over the best films of 2011. I think they all counted Certified Copy as a 2010 release because that's when they saw it. Operation Kino

Jillian Madison tears Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff apart so I don't have to. Thanks, Jillian. Food Network Humor

Forget about the political aspect. roadkillrefuge's gigantic post explaining how reporter Charles Savage keeps re-contextualizing a 2007 interview with President Obama for his own notoriety is strong and worth reading. This is why context matters. Angry Black Lady Chronicles

Here's an infographic from Benjamin Carlson at The Daily showing just a few highlights from centuries of not predicting the end of the world wrong. What happens on December 31? We put up a new calendar. Your move, Mayan culture.

End of the World Infographic by Benjamin Carlson

Brian Crecente gives a thoughtful and measured look at at new PS Vita handheld gaming system. At least its better than PSPv1?

Finally, it's officially 2012. Have you started planning your Halloween home haunt yet? Terra, aka ScaryLadyVideos, put up a really cool build/painting tutorial for distressed industrial scene setters. Skip ahead to about the two minute mark to see five minutes of nonstop faux-metal painting action. It's far more exciting than it sounds. Terra's the best home haunter painter in the online game.

Thoughts? Love to hear them.

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