The Link Rally: 2 March 2012

I'm sick, I'm tired, and I'm two weeks out from a show I music directed that is not coming together like it should. I'm planning on doing the Drag Race recap tonight but I might wind up rolling it into a double for next Tuesday. It depends on whether or not I get another migraine from the bright lights and paint fumes at rehearsal.

  • Let's see. The Hunger Games has an incredible crew working on it. The first book in the trilogy is strong. Jennifer Lawrence will live that Katniss role. And now, we have confirmation that the film will look amazing. Oscar number 4 for Ve Neill, perhaps? Pajiba
  • Audra McDonald + Susan Blackwell + Spongebob Squarepants = the best video you haven't watched yet. Broadway World
  • This is why you don't get into a Twitter fight with a good writer, Kelly Cutrone. FourFour
  • Team Walking Dead. No, not the show. The zombies. Penny Arcade
  • If only all politicians were this cute and cuddly. Hank for Senate
  • It's a good year for family friendly stop motion horror. ParaNorman is coming out in August. Cinema Blend
  • And Frankenweenie is coming out in October. The Film Experience

Finally, I saw a great panel led by the creators of Underbelly at MangaNext. Here's their latest video discussing the long history of very bad Batman games.

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