The Link Rally: 2 May 2012

  • Have you heard about micro-celebrity? It's a new buzz term that means nothing. Anyone who has a couple hundred followers online is a micro-celebrity. Big whoop. Now how do you monetize it for real? Pajiba
  • Looks like Jonathan Franzen doesn't get to have another meltdown about the appropriation of The Corrections. HBO pulls the plug on the TV adaptation. IndieWire
  • Have a screenplay or documentary in the can and don't know what to do with it? Why not submit it by Friday to Independent Film Week? Independent Film Week
  • Dee Rees has her follow-up to Pariah lined up. She will be directing This Man, This Woman from the writer of Eyes Wide Shut. Cinema Blend
  • Etsy: Your place to buy all things wholesale from mass-manufactured companies. Etsy merges with Trunkt. Tech Crunch
  • The A Fantastic Fear of Everything (Simon Pegg's new film about a children's author writing a true crime thriller and becoming extremely paranoid) has a fantastic poster. No notes for this designer. Shock Till You Drop

A Fantastic Fear of Everything Poster

Finally, this Princess Peach musical is so syrupy sweet and silly that it works. Kudos on the natural sounding autotune when the singer goes well beyond the reaches of human whistle tones and is still easy to understand.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Pariah (2011)

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