The Link Rally: 20 June 2012

I was grouting and finishing up a long-delayed tiling project all day. I'm exhausted. I'm mentally wiped out. I'll be back tomorrow with the first season 3 Drag U recap and other content.

  • Futurama comes back tonight and the fine folks at io9 get you caught up to speed. I, too, wonder how they'll handle the everybody is dead or stuck in a time loop problem. io9
  • Not to be outdone by Disney proper, Pixar has released 4 Monsters University--aka the Monster, Inc. prequel--trailers today. Rope of Silicon
  • Helen Mirren might trot the boards to play Queen Elizabeth II again. I hope the material is as wonderful as The Queen. Broadway World
  • Emmy technicalities are srs bsns. Yes, it is strange that animated programs cannot submit for writing. Then again, they get all the voice acting categories that people like Helen Mirren (voicing Becky the cheerleader's inner monologue on Glee) can't enter plus their own series of technical categories to run with. Draw? Pajiba
  • I could see a teenager getting away with a Helen Keller dance solo in the right context. Not a nine year old on a reality show. Gawker
  • Now this is a cool way to redo photography. Dude Craft

Michael Mapes Photo Dissections

  • Newly minted Best Leading Actress winner Audra McDonald is out of Porgy & Bess until 3 July on vocal rest. From there, she will have an alternate for some performances for the rest of the run. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Playbill
  • And a happy 45th birthday to Nicole Kidman. Team The Others. The Film Experience
  • The people I know with an actual bee allergy don't find this as funny as I hoped. Penny Arcade

Finally, a reader sent this highly choreographed (and heavily edited) beer pong trick shot video to me. It's pretty cool. The choice of music and flow of the story, so to speak, is great.

CBS v. ABC: Glass House

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