The Link Rally: 21 May 2012

  • Painting people is hard. That doesn't stop these 10 artists from reaching for their Justin Bieber portrait dreams. Regretsy
  • Turns out the Oscars only like gritty powerless crime fighters in their comic book honorees. The Film Experience
  • I'm jealous of the west coasters who get to participate in The Walking Dead Escape during SDCC. The Walking Dead Escape
  • The Boondocks is officially coming back for Season 4. And there was much rejoicing. IndieWire
  • Tyler Nerden looks at the balancing act between burn out and work ethic for self-employed writers. He speaks the truth. Footsoldiers of the Apocalypse
  • A new series of novelty toasters is coming out based on popular geek franchises. I'd love some Gremlins toast. Shock Till You Drop

Rorschach Toast

  • Finally, an infographic about writing that makes perfect sense. Editing versus Proofreading: which revision process reigns supreme? Bit Rebels
  • This spoilerific claymation version of The Raid: Redemption is as gory as it is cat-filled. Fangoria

Finally, Rachel Gilmore got to make her Met debut two months ago when Kathleen Kim became ill the day of a The Tales of Hoffman performance. With only a few hours to prepare, she knocked "The Doll Song" out of the park. This is how you perform under pressure.

The Scottsboro Boys Gets West Coast Premiere

Instant Watch: Modern Women in Peril