The Link Rally: 22 February 2012

  • Jeff Lieberman (Just Before Dawn) once had the job of directing Rod Serling in a documentary series on film. Fangoria found footage of the session. Fangoria
  • And just like that, the New York Times suspends its efforts to have weekly original political cartoons over fair wage complaints. Cagle Post
  • Meet the creative director of Etsy through a lens designed to breakthrough pretension. Regretsy
  • Rich Juzwiak covers the Rihanna/Chris Brown nonsense so I don't have to. Could they have at least put out decent tracks for each other to guest on? FourFour
  • An interview with Stafford Arima, the man tasked with directing the revised Carrie: The Musical. Playbill
  • ZING! Cyanide & Happiness

Finally, I've heard stories about Alice Ripley's offstage persona. I believe them now. She's a lovable kook who can dig into any song you throw at her. Here she is demonstrating both skills with Seth Rudetsky.

Book Review: Danse Macabre by Stephen King

What You Missed: RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 4, Ep. 4