The Link Rally: 23 May 2012

  • I haven't mentioned how much I love Angela Lansbury recently. This interview reminded me why I'm drawn to her. The Telegraph
  • Another personality I love is Mark Twain. Here he is taking a librarian to task for exposing children to two novels that are now standard middle school reading. Letters of Note
  • I'm fascinated by how Ryan Murphy's brain works. He does weird train wrecks in such a watchable way. Here he talks about season 2 of American Horror Story. Fangoria
  • Internet addiction is not funny, except for when it is funny. Cyanide & Happiness
  • Looking for a new avatar? How about a custom version of you based on your Twitter habits? Bit Rebels

What do you look like based on your tweets?

  • I'm down for three of these five comics that will change everything you know this week. Bring it on, mind bending science comic. Kotaku
  • Anyone for tennis? How about tennis on film? I love Strangers on a Train because of the unending tennis match at the climax. The Film Experience
  • If not tennis, how about a Mortal Kombat retrospective? 20 years already? I remember playing on the original machine at arcade birthday parties. Gamespot

Finally, this optical illusion uses celebrity faces to demonstrate a very strange phenomena with the human eye. If you view a rapid succession of faces in your peripheral vision, they start to distort. Whatever. Mila Kunis still looks great.

Watch: Vessel

Update: Opera News and the Met