The Link Rally: 24 May 2012

  • Amanda Palmer explains how she will use the oodles of Kickstarter money she brought in for her new album. Spoiler alert: she's not turning much of a profit if you look at the percentages. Amanda Palmer
  • Steve Bowler breaks down the creation of Penny Arcade's Ping Pong ECG, aka Paint the Line. The PA Report
  • Here's the cast of Snow White & The Huntsman doing dramatic readings of 50 Shades of Gray. PS: This is why you have to watch Young Adult. Charlize Theron is incredible at assuming full-bodied comedic rules with a dark twist. MTV
  • In news I expected four years ago when the game was still new, Shadow of the Colossus is being adapted into a feature film. Kotaku
  • So, it turns out Michael Gondry didn't like his stab at The Green Hornet, either. Happy now? IndieWire
  • What's better than burlesque art? Burlesque zombie art. Bit Rebels

Skin and Bones

  • New York Legislators did not think this one through. Proposed law would ban anonymous comments online. So...we're banning free speech ala the mask-wearing revolutionists speaking in public squares before the US declared independence? First Ammendment? Bueller? Wired
  • I might have mentioned before that I'm pretty sure Kristen Stewart can actually act. These clips from The Road (combined with reviews from Cannes) seem to corroborate that opinion nicely. Cinema Blend
  • Sony has a great strategy for handling Dan Harmon's firing from Community: tell everyone else in the cast to ignore it and hope everything blows over. The Internet never forgets. Warming Glow

Finally, after watching enough episodes of Cupcake Wars to see a real nutter add the innards of mass-manufactured cigarettes to frosting, I never thought I could enjoy the work of host Justin Willman. Turns out I was wrong. He's a geek street magician and Nerdist gave him a web series.

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