The Link Rally: 25 May 2012

  • An insider look at how Hollywood productions tend to view the screenplay. Den of Geek
  • I wish we got video game musicals like this Phoenix Wright production in Japan. Kotaku
  • How about some femme fatales to kick off your weekend? Pajiba
  • Tim Barribeau takes a look at how exposure therapy really works. io9.
  • If love is a mixtape, what does a gigantic wooden mixtape coffee table stand for? Dude Craft

Mixtape Coffee Table

  • Someone is embroidering Kanye West's ridiculous tweets. I'll take one of each, please. Regretsy
  • You can't fund every Kickstarter even if you want to. Penny Arcade
  • Turns out Phillip Phillips doesn't care for his coronation anthem and thinks he's not a great singer. An American Idol winner with a backbone and perspective? What have we done? Vote for the Worst

Finally, my brother sent me this pun-based zombie video that tickles me just right. Presenting: The Walken Dead.

Marvel Does Good: The Story of The Blue Ear

Case Study: When DMCA Takedowns Go Wrong