The Link Rally: 26 March 2012

  • A tribute to the worst character on Mad Men. Pajiba
  • A really intriguing alternate reality is explored in this Bioshock fan film. Kotaku
  • I want a record turntable faux-Spirograph. Dude Craft

Dude Craft

  • Cracked has a tribute to Charlie McCarthy, the little ventriloquist dummy who fought the communists during the Red Scare. Cracked
  • Rich Juzwiak retires from recapping Reality TV shows. Lower the snark flag to half mast. Gawker
  • Andrew Bridgman compares gaming now to gaming when the NES was king. Spoiler: I remember doing all of these things. Dorkly

Finally, Joanna Robinson posted this video over at Pajiba on Friday, but I've been obsessively watching it since then. Adele has never sounded this good. Chinese zither cover of "Rolling in the Deep."

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