The Link Rally: 27 April 2012

  • A union fight in British Columbia leads to the banning of Dr. Seuss quotations in classrooms. CBLDF
  • Are you a fan of House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski? Then check out this Tumblr someone linked me to. It's a multimedia adaptation of the novel put together for a class final and it's really good. Hallways Haunted/Texts of Leaves
  • Amazon has an exclusive Tim Burton Blu-ray collection coming out next week. Batmans, Pee-Wee, and Corpses abound. Cinema Blend
  • Fed up with Etsy's crap about protecting a reseller because they got caught with their pants down and refuse to admit it? Take steps to ensure you support actual handmade sellers on Etsy. This team is a good start. Team EtsyHandMade
  • Any interview with Juliette Binoche is an excuse to link to an interview with Juliette Binoche. Love her. IndieWire
  • Come for the examples of critics using hyperbole to be right (logic be damned) about new technology, stay for the comment section where everyone in the world but me saw a live demo of The Hobbit's 48fps stock. Pajiba
  • I have a bone to pick with the Drama Desk Awards. Why on earth would you choose to eliminate an award for orchestrations? Do you want every musical to have a synthesized recording as an orchestra? Or do you just not care that the orchestrator is the person who defines how any production of a musical, new or old, sounds? Flames on the side of my face. Playbill
  • Next you'll tell me the Drama Desk Awards board won't be impressed by business cards that actually play music. Bit Rebels

Music Box Business Cards

Finally, this episode of The Indoor Kids featuring Alison Haislip is great. One, the guest is Alison Haislip, who just has a really engaging personality. Two, they're playing Limbo, which is an amazing game. Three, they show you all the surprisingly gory deaths in a black and white game.

Pacing is Everything: Long Form Storytelling on TV

The Link Rally: 26 April 2012