The Link Rally: 27 January 2012

Pajiba was banned from attending Sundance. Sort of. Yes. No. Maybe? Yes. Because Sundance feels it needs to protect its directors from personal attacks even when the director himself was laughing his butt off for weeks afterwards over the almost universally-negative response to his film. Pajiba I need a palette cleanser after that one. You know what's hot on the block right now? A hip new Rachel Maddow meme. Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow

An interesting Oscar trend: double acting nominees from the same film for women. The Film Experience

I have never seen such a succinct and pitch perfect skewering of the major Food Network stars. Food Network Humor

With a cast like this, I don't care that the book of Merrily We Roll Along is unlikely to ever work. Broadway World

Finally, They Might Be Giants performed on Conan.

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