The Link Rally: 27 March 2012

  • Looks like Hollywood is all caught up in The Hunger Games' hype. More post-apocalyptic YA book to film adaptations are coming, like Quarantine (originally, I kid you not, Quaranteen). Shock Till You Drop
  • The mystery of The Hunger Games Facebook game boils down to how the film was released before the game. Kotaku
  • Not only is Jekyll & Hyde, Frank Wildhorn's least flopping musical, returning to Broadway, it's coming with an American Idol alum in the title role and launching with a nationwide tour. Broadway World
  • I'm hearing really good things about this budget eBook from Robin Parrish. Hunger Games meets House of Blue Leaves with a whole lot of Running Man and the convenience of Navi from the Legend of Zelda series. Corridor
  • The horror of this Cake Wrecks entry is unimaginable. Warning: baby shower cake ahead. Cake Wrecks
  • I'm far too heavy handed to manage the delicacy of these egg blossom vases. Bit Rebels

Finally, since I haven't gotten to use my "zomg it's a puppy" tag in far too long, here's an adorable video of a little pudge monster being tricked into exercise.

Book Review: Corridor by Robin Parrish

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