The Link Rally: 29 March 2012

  • Anne Thompson takes a thorough look at the history of the dreaded NC-17 rating through the lens of critical response. Indie Wire
  • Ever hear of Hisss? It's a bad horror film about sexual politics in India...and a snake turning into a woman turning into a snake. A new documentary is coming out that tries to decode what, exactly, went so wrong that writer/director Jennifer Chambers Lynch quit her own project. Shock Till You Drop
  • Dieter Laser, the best part of The Human Centipede, is being sued for backing out of The Human Centipede III mere weeks before it's supposed to start filming. Fangoria
  • Speaking of nightmares far more beautiful than they deserve to be, Bit Rebels shares the 3D art of Dain Fagerholm. Can you believe he uses a ballpoint pen and simple software to achieve the effect? Bit Rebels

2D Pen Art

  • Genevieve Burgess calls out irrational haters of all things popular so I don't have to. Pajiba
  • 8 iconic film moments re-imagined with Mass Effect morality choices. Dorkly
  • Bruce Geryk explains why gamers need to stop hating themselves so much. Must read. Quarter to Three

Finally, this caramel candy maker seems to have found a way to profit off of his artistic training. Delicious and beautiful.

The Link Rally: 30 March 2012

The Rise of the DJ/Producer