The Link Rally: 29 May 2012

  • Redundancy is redundant, even when you earn money for it. The Trenches
  • I'm still wrapping my brain around a possible post about Lee Daniels and the critical response to The Paperboy. Accusations from Daniels about possible racism are not helping. IndieWire
  • All in favor of more sumi-e styled games, say "aye." Kotaku
  • This is a brilliant film festival experiment. I wish I had the nerve to hand other writers blank paper and ask them to record their response right after a screening/panel/show/event. MUBI
  • Oh, goody. Another Prometheus teaser. I think we've seen a fifth of the film by now. Shock Till You Drop
  • Dustin Rowles announces the totally not made up on the spot 2011-2012 Network Television Awards. Pajiba

New Girl

  • As someone who has run garage sales since he was 10 years old, I find this Craigslist rant shortsighted and hilarious. PassiveAggressiveNotes
  • Settlers of Catan, the undisputed king of sheep trading board games, is getting a simplified update for children. Merry Christmas, every much younger cousin/nephew/niece in my life. Ars Technica
  • What would happen if Link and Pit (Kid Icarus) hung out? Brawl in the Family

Finally, Garbage finally put out a new album. I'm digging its super-processed style as a way of turning Shirley Manson into an instrument. Here's Shirley performing at the House of Blues in Atlantic City last weekend stopping the show to shut down a man beating a woman. NSFW language.

The Exorcist Miniseries: Or Not

Watch: Among the Sleep Gameplay Footage