The Link Rally: 3 April 2012

  • In case you missed it on Twitter, I'm doing short movie news/trailer/review posts for Directors Live now. You can find my posts here, though the site has been a bit slow to update new content. If you scroll through the post, you can see the rest of them on the bottom of the screen. Directors Live
  • Joanna Robinson takes great joy in explaining why these 9 TV characters were not missed. Spoilers. Pajiba
  • An MMORPG for people who think PVP mode in World of Warcraft is too kind. The PA Report
  • I didn't even want Rock of Ages when it was a Broadway show connected to my then-boss' husband. Cinema Blend
  • It's not all sad news in Musical Land. Neil Patrick Harris will host the Tonys again. Broadway World
  • There might be a Hellraiser TV show coming. Will any cable network allow the level of violence needed to sell the stakes of the series? Shock Till You Drop
  • Stuart McLachlan's life size paper environments are breathtaking. Dude Craft

An undersea fantasy in paper.

Finally, the history of Pokemon in only a about a minute.

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