The Link Rally: 3 February 2012

If you're going to make a stink over a missing lunch, you might as well entertain everyone else in the process. Passive Aggressive Notes I'm not one to fan the flames of petty forum fighting. However, the Broadway World thread about the previews of the updated Carrie: the Musical is already one of the most entertaining and nonsensical fights I've ever read. Broadway World

20 movie posters that were banned somewhere around the world. Try to pick out which posters were banned by the UK for showing too much violence. Pajiba

Katey Rich and Eric Eisenberg debate the merits of found footage films in 2012. Someone had to go broader than my horror-only found footage post last year. Cinema Blend

The circular logic of sabotaging workouts. Whomp!

Courtney Love might be an Etsy hoarder. Then why hasn't she bought any of my family's merchandise, huh? Not deadly enough? Regretsy

Finally, M.I.A.s new single "Bad Girls" is out. It's great.

Thoughts on The Grey: Big Bad Wolves

The Link Rally: 2 February 2012