The Link Rally: 3 May 2012

  • Clearly number 11 on this list of the 10 worst romantic subplots in comic books is Spider-Man's torrid love affair with his emo haircut in Spider-Man 3. Number 12 is the original Spider-rape/suicide ending of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. io9
  • Studies about the benefits of video games aren't new. This one is just phrased funny. Shooting virtual people makes you more attentive. Kotaku
  • Alfred Hitchcock was offered the first James Bond film by Ian Fleming himself. Letters of Note
  • Felicia Day or kitties? Kitties of Felicia Day? I can't choose. Pajiba
  • Michael John LaChiusa's Queen of the Mist is getting a cast recording. I'd much rather hear it's getting an extended Off-Broadway or even Broadway run. I missed out on seeing it live. Playbill
  • I can't tell what is worse: the craftsmanship or the misuse of "tribal" as an art descriptor. Regretsy
  • I feel like something about Halloween is lost in translation here. Hell Yeah Horror Manga


Finally, someone linked me to this funny little video of Patti LuPone singing "Buenos Aires" from Evita at the Tony Awards. The subtitles elevate it. This is why you make sure your actors can get all their lyrics out and avoid writing super high text-heavy solos in musical theater. They both make your song completely incomprehensible.

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