The Link Rally: 30 January 2012

Academy Award winning costume designer Eiko Ishioka passed away last week. Nathaniel Rogers provides a fitting tribute. The Film Experience But seriously, look at the kind of work she was doing. She'll be missed.

Eiko Ishikoa

I remember reading the first version of Dave Malloy's diatribe against less than "authentic" musical theater. The new version is a little clearer in its purpose and provides an interesting viewpoint that I just don't agree with. How can you fault the most fanciful performance style for not being real enough? Huffington Post

NBC is trying to stop Mitt Romney from using unedited NBC news clips in his campaign ads. I can't wait for a huge Fair Use argument to break out. Those are always fun. Pajiba

Proving that Frank Wildhorn is the honey badger of musical theater composers, a new Jekyll & Hyde tour will play a limited run in a Broadway theater. I'm sure that will end peacefully. Broadway World

I have to second Rich Juzwiak's opinion. The GoJo is the dumbest As Seen on TV product I've ever seen, and that's coming from an insomniac who treats these ads as sitcom pilots. FourFour

I just can't with Etsy at this point. I constantly check the rules over there to make sure I'm not breaking any. So did this clothing designer who got shut down for following the rules as stated in the ToS. You have to say what parts of your work are produced by people other than yourself. You can use factory made items if they are manipulated by you after the fact. HoustonPress

Finally, I have a friend who cannot stand Adele songs sung by Adele. He is constantly trying to convince me she cannot sing. I keep telling him that we both agree she is a stronger songwriter than a singer, but he still sends me videos. I believe he finally sent me a cover that improves upon this original Adele track. Linkin Park covers "Rolling in the Deep."

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