The Link Rally: 30 May 2012

  • The Hands on a Hardbody musical is coming to Broadway. I'm excited. Playbill
  • IndieWire takes a look at 16 breakout talents from the first half of 2012. IndieWire
  • Troma is releasing a 4-Disc DVD pack of Father's Day. I have to assume there's a market there. Shock Till You Drop
  • Ever wonder how much cash transactions get you in free to play games? The Gameological Society
  • Om nom nom zombie cookie jar. Bit Rebels

Zombie Cookie Jar

  • A friendly PSA from Helen Killer on how to respond to criticism. Regretsy
  • I guess there could be a bad side to the Les Miserables trailer. Not enough Cosette? The Film Experience
  • BroadwayWorld is launching a theater database with recommendation features. BroadwayWorld

Finally, my brother strikes again. Enjoy John Mayer mocking the musical hologram phenomenon.

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