The Link Rally: 4 January 2012

Good news, everyone! Litely Salted's trivia game is back. How well will you do on the first general trivia of the year. Me? My lifetime rating dropped down after this one. Litely Salted Bad news, everyone! Taylor Swift is taking on a major singing role in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. Bad Hollywood. No ticket money for you. Broadwayworld

Who is Taylor Swift's character? Eponine. She sings one of the hardest songs in the show. It's also one of the most challenging acting roles. This ain't looking good. Thank goodness no one can take away the beauty of previous Eponine's like Lea Salonga.

In happier news, Nathaniel over at The Film Experience finished out his Top 10 list. See why I put that disclaimer about Poetry in my Top 10 list? The Film Experience

Speaking of best of lists, Joanna Robinson compiled a lengthy and reassuring list of the best literary film adaptations of 2011. It's so long I started to get nervous I hadn't seen Jane Eyre listed yet. Pajiba

The guys over at Penny Arcade have some questionable parenting advice for the RPG-addicted among you.

Penny Arcade "Proven Strategies"

Finally, Dorkly goes into the darker side of RPG addiction. Nintendo doesn't encourage a 10 minute break every hour you play Wii Sports for noting, people.

Film Review: Happythankyoumoreplease (2011)

The Gallery: H.C. O'Neill (fenrislorsrai)