The Link Rally: 4 June 2012

  • Ann Jillian discusses her experience shooting one of the strangest Twilight Zone episodes. She was the little psychic girl who was sent to school to learn to talk. Fangoria
  • I'm working my way through Alison Bechdel's graphic novels right now. Ken Parille explores the complication of defining Bechdel's genre in Are You My Mother? The Comics Journal
  • The Infinite/Activision lawsuit is now settled, but Checkpoint provides a ton of suggestions on how to keep the laughs rolling in. Some NSFW language. PATV
  • The Drama Desk Awards were streamed live yesterday from NYC. Here are all the winners. Playbill
  • Bit Rebels rounded up some Michelangelo/pop culture mash-ups. Bit Rebels

The Creation of Mario

  • Alias: Palisade spent a month trying to get through the absurdity of Silent Hill: Homecoming. This is her true experience. Shake in terror at the bad Cronenberg rip-offs. Some NSFW language. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6
  • IndieWire has a lovely tribute video to Maurice Sendak. IndieWire
  • Here's some new manga to get you through the week. MTV Geek

Finally, I can only assume that the Just Cos team had a hotel in NYC during NYCC. They were able to stay and see the Masquerade last year after it was pushed back for many many hours. And yes, watching Bumblebee walking around the show floor was amazing.

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