The Link Rally: 5 December 2011

I read a lot of web content. I might as well start sharing it. Welcome to the daily roundup known as The Link Rally. Dustin Rowles takes it upon himself to break the embargo on The Girl Who Played with Fire US remake reviews. What do you meant the film doesn’t exist yet? Pajiba

Nathaniel Rogers does a great write-up of a press event for The Help, focusing on the comedic timing of Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis. The Film Experience

Jillian Madison laments the loss of the best Next Iron Chef contestant in her standout recap of the season so far. Food Network Humor

The new Operation Kino podcast is out. Topics include Shame, American Horror Story (spoiler: other people watch it because it’s so over the top and incomprehensible), and NC-17 ratings. Cinemablend

BroadwayWorld has all the details on this year’s ridiculous normal people at the Grammys contest. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this sound like you don’t even get to perform on the telecast this year? BroadwayWorld

Webcomic Joe Loves Crappy Movies tackles The Muppets: Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Rob Walker has a great feature in the New York Times Magazine about one of the most prolific musical app makers for the iPhone, Smule. NYTimes

Finally, I’m in a very film score mindframe right now. I had to revisit Rodrigo & Gabriela’s excellent collaboration with Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Say what you will about the film, this song from the acoustic guitar masters is impressive.

Album Review: Loud by Rihanna

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