The Link Rally: 5 January 2012

Nathaniel Rogers over at The Film Experience has an interview with Charlize Theron that might make her one of my favorite working actors. The Film Experience Agent Bedhead at Pajiba lists the thirteen most satisfying revenge films. It's a good starting point for people who might be interested in this kind of filmmaking. I can provide further recommendations at a later date. Pajiba

Laura Hedli takes a look at the challenge of marketing new live theater to a digital audience. New York Times

Rich Juzwiak pulls back the curtain on some of the hoops writers jump through to try and earn a living writing about entertainment media. FourFour

The writers at Adventure Gamers took on an impossible task. They ranked the 100 greatest adventure games of all time and posted it online. Cue the fanboy whining. Adventure Gamers

Finally, Heather Traska records expansive a cappella medleys for YouTube. Her Disney medley is worth watching.

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