The Link Rally: 5 June 2012

  • The sequel to Epic Mickey will feature co-op this November. Kotaku
  • Self-love time: A quick round-up of the new Wreck-it Ralph content from E3. Disney's new movie is all about a video game villain who just wants to do good. Director's Live
  • Fangoria is giving away The Aggression Scale, a pitch black twist on the Home Alone conceit. Fangoria
  • 3D printing is advancing faster than we thought. Even faster than the last time I thought it was advancing faster than we thought. Bit Rebels
  • You can keep the flip flops. I want the rest of these Marvel-inspired Reeboks. Snkrology

Marvel Sneakers

  • Colin Walsh takes a look at the Kickstarter campaign for Drifter. Not as candid as Amanda Palmer, but certainly more SFW. The PA Report
  • Broadway took in $11.2billion for NYC during the 2010-2011 season. Playbill
  • The BaliGate scandal is over. Ecologica Malibu has been erased from Etsy weeks after Regretsy proved that the featured Etsy seller was actually a distributor for mass-produced drop shipped furniture. If you're playing break the Etsy TOU bingo, the final number was "create fake accounts to attack people in the forums." Regretsy on Ecologica Malibu. The Deserted Storefront

Finally, Felicia Day is back with the full format version of her Flog and it's epic. Epic, I tell you.

Swipe! The Casual Mechanic Revolution

Watch: ZombiU Trailer