The Link Rally: 6 January 2012

polaboy came up with a brilliant art/lamp idea. Who wants a treasured photograph turned into a framed light? Dude Craft polaby Photo Lamps

The WGA nods came out and it looks like Bridesmaids might have a real shot at some Oscar nominations. This, plus PGA, plus SAG means a large and wide-ranging group of Oscar voters think it's a fantastic film. Good news for popular comedies. Cinema Blend

This is, without a doubt, the scariest and most realistic pig cake I've seen in my life. Cake Wrecks

The questionable Little Miss Sunshine musical might try to rush its much-needed development period to open in time for the 2012 Tony Awards. Broadway World

Do you know any of the alleged American Idol Top 42? Vote for the Worst has the alleged Top 60 and who advanced to the final round before the live shows. Vote for the Worst

Finally, it's almost a full week into 2012. Have you updated your zombie apocalypse survival kit? How about a slingshot hammer? It has all the functionality of a slingshot and a board with a rusty nail in it in an easy to carry frame.

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