The Link Rally: 7 March 2012

The double Drag Race recap is written. When I get home after 8 tonight, I'll get to photo editing. Maybe I'll even get the recaps up by midnight.

  • Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon isn't just getting a sequel: it's getting a theatrical re-release. Facebook
  • The new limited edition poster for the re-release is all kinds of awesome. Justin Osbourn

Behind the Mask: The Re-Release

  • I don't agree with everything Finan O'Toole writes in this editorial about Meryl Streep, but I agree 100% with his assessment of The Iron Lady. The Irish Times
  • Scientists may have developed a drug that allows you to erase parts of your memory forever, ala Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Psychology Today
  • Raven-Symone is officially taking over the lead in Sister Act on Broadway. As in, in 20 days, she makes her debut. That was quick. Playbill
  • Tim Schafer talks about everything in his game creating life, including Psychonauts. The Penny Arcade Report

Finally, Walt Disney Presents: Game of Thrones.

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