The Link Rally: 8 May 2012

  • Maurice Sendak passed away today at 83. He wrote great little children's books and took no guff from nobody. Pajiba
  • I used to try to build elaborate domino displays. When I finally got my first one to work--full dining room table, ramps to the chairs and floor--I realized I did not have the patience to commit so much time to such a fleeting art form. Thank goodness the creator of this elaborate Nintendo tribute didn't come to the same realization. Kotaku
  • Apparently, Cabin in the Woods requires a companion book. Fangoria
  • Dear me. Maleficent is stacked with fantastic actors. The Film Experience
  • Not even one Tony nom can save it. Leap of Faith closes on Sunday. I blame the marketing. I didn't know what the show actually was until the reviews came in. Then the reviews were terrible. Broadway World
  • I do not know the actual genesis of this gif. I just know that OMG it's a puppy! Regretsy


Have I lulled you into a warm and fuzzy sense of security? Good. Here's the trailer for Piranhaconda. Troll away! from Shock Till You Drop

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Exorcist (1973)

The Library: Freakshow by Midnight Syndicate