Bizarre but True: Ke$ha's "Blow" Video

Special thanks to Intern Rusty over at Pajiba for drawing my attention to this video. I am amazed that I somehow managed to miss seeing this music video back when it premiered in February. One, I actually rather like the song. Two, I normally make it a point to watch a Ke$ha video at least once because they're usually very strange. Three, the song was inescapable on the radio. So how did I miss such a delightfully bizarre music video until now?

"Blow" starts with the bizarre warning that "No mythological creatures were harmed in the making of this video." That already lays out a big claim: this video is going to be filled with strange critters. I like that. Eight seconds in and Ke$sha is holding a glass of champagne while telling a dry anecdote to a pair of unicorns, one in a suit, the other in a dress. I don't know what's happening here, but I'm in for the ride.

A waiter--also a unicorn--brings Ke$ha an amuse bouche on a silver platter. It was sent by the gentleman across the room. That gentleman is James "Dawson" Van Der Beek himself. I didn't think this video could outdo the unicorns in formal wear, but that is a step up. Ke$sha spends the next minute and a half wandering through the party, leaning on unicorns, until James rips the sleeves off his tuxedo. Two minutes in, James starts dancing. Fifteen seconds later, Ke$ha rips her bra off from underneath her dress. Nine seconds later, James rips his bra out from underneath his dress shirt.

So we have acting, cross-dressing, giant unicorns, James Van Der Beek playing himself, and an alternate reality where a singer has to inform the audience that mythological creatures were not harmed in the making of the video. This might be the most wonderfully bizarre music video I've seen since Moby had Christina Ricci dance on top of a TV in a senior citizens home with "Natural Blues."

After a brief scene about muenster cheese and their strange names, Ke$ha and James agree to dance. They are now engaged in a rainbow laser-gun battle for the rest of the video. Unicorns are being torn to shreds by flashing rainbow beams. Yup. This is definitely the weirdest video I've seen in years. Even weirder than "PonPonPon." That one's just absurd to be absurd; this one has a plot and acting and everything.

That's a good thing if you like strange campy entertainment. Ke$ha's music video for "Blow" is a must watch.