LMFAO: Electro Hop Duo

I'll give the "electro hop* duo" LMFAO credit for one thing: they're getting airplay with songs that don't exactly rely on melody, lyrical power, or chorus to be exciting. Not that their verses aren't fun, or their choruses aren't memorable. They have very well-produced tracks that steal the spotlight for me. I actually rather like a lot of their music. There's a sense of awareness in what they're doing and a full commitment to the ridiculous nature of this music crossing over into the mainstream.

Have you seen their music video for "Party Anthem?" It's a mock zombie invasion where the zombies are "shuffling" uncontrollably to blasting techno...err...electro hop beats. It's hilarious and bizarre, which clearly puts it in my wheelhouse.

The most shocking thing for me was to learn that these guys actually put on a great live show. Their performance on So You Think You Can Dance? was more entertaining than most of the competitive routines this season. They rapped, they sang, and they danced in a big formation onstage. I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen.

Yes, Quest Crew is the main focus on the stage for much of the performance. But look at what the actual performers on the song are doing. They're actually dancing. They're moving to the music, engaging the audience, and (the actual band members) are performing live**. Keyword: performing.

If a dance group is good, they're very good. If they're not, they're pretty insufferable. So far, I haven't heard LMFAO misfire on a single. They know the kind of music they're making and do it well. It's music to party to. You crank this stuff out of your car radio while you're driving down the highway. You dance to this in the club and raise the bass for your house party.

What draws me to his group more than anything else is the strength of the song structure. Members Redfoo and SkyBlu are constantly twisting the progression of their songs, elevating simple party music to something a bit more engaging. They layer and switch out various beats and samples to build excitement over the course of a four or five minute song. LMFAO also toy with the expectations of a verse/chorus structure by putting so much focus on the track itself. You might think that "Party Rock Anthem" is an instrumental song because of how much emphasis is put on the composition before any substantial vocal comes in. It's an interesting balancing act that the group handles in a way that feels natural.

What do you think? Is LMFAO anything special? Is electro hop an actual genre or just some joke this group made up? Sound off.

*That's a thing now?

**It's painfully obvious the girl and the first guy with a mic are lip-syncing. The actual band members are not.

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