Music You Should Know: Kidd Vicious and Proph (C.R.E.A.U Records)

I recently added a new page to the site. This was in response to a few musicians taking the initiative to contact me about their music. I hope more media creators--musicians, writers, filmmakers, game developers, artists, dancers, etc.--are open to sharing their new work here at Sketchy Details. It doesn't hurt to ask. E-mail me and we'll see what we can work out. What is Music You Should Know? It's the beginning of a new feature on the site. I will be pointing out some new, rising, independent, or lesser-known musicians who I believe deserve a bigger audience. These could be acts I found myself or acts that contacted me that I liked. Both of today's artists contacted me together to share two new music videos.

First up is Kidd Vicious. He is a young rapper from Arizona with a very easy presence about him. He is not pushing his verses; he's presenting them for you to take as you will. He's good at connecting long strings of rhymes. The beat on his song "Vicious Season" is well-produced and current. The video, while basic, is engaging because of Kid Vicious. He's a good performer and his flow feels honest--almost confessional--because of his inflection.

The song is NSFW and embedded below the break.

Proph has a very different way about him. He's a much more aggressive rapper. He is pushing his words out because, in the context of this song, he can't hold them in any longer. Proph also has a relaxed demeanor. He's quite clearly having fun doing this video. "All They Said" stands out as a track. There's a fusion of different musical influences. There's a conga drum layered with the digital drum kit, modern synth sequencing, and even a trumpet sound playing the hook of the song the entire way through. It's another basic video that just matches the song perfectly.

The song is a little NSFW. You might get by.

What I was told when I asked for a little more information about Proph and Kid Vicious is that they are just starting to take this seriously. If this is their first serious effort to make it in the music industry, I'm impressed. They both put out polished tracks that are better than a lot of music getting played on the radio right now.

You can follow Kidd Vicious on Twitter @vicious2you. You can follow Proph on Twitter @thisisproph.

So what do you think of Kidd Vicious and Proph? Sound off below.

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