Rock the Vote: MyndJack Radio Idol Top 9

It's America week on Myndjack Radio Idol. I'll update after the show goes live with the voting link. Voting link is here. I appreciate #1 votes. Not ranking contestants is worse than ranking in last place. Any unranked contestant gets the worst score possible.

As you can see, there aren't too many ways to make Amanda Palmer (by way of the Dresden Dolls) into a laugh a minute romp. I cut down an 8.5 minute song into a 2.5 minute piano/vocal performance for a parody American Idol competition. I'm going to need help this week.

Thank you for all your support so far. The funny comes back next week, I promise you. I was just getting tired of being ignored by the judges because I was just another parody singer. They'll be talking tonight, I guarantee you.

Shoutcast is your best bet as the ADR player is buggy. Just use the bottom link. 9PM for the whole show, 10PM for the performances. It's going to be epic.

Here's the performance:

Judges didn't love it. And at this point, I'm recording for me and the people in chat who dig the crap out of my bizarro song choices.

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