The Library: Karen O & The Kids "All Is Love"

Sometimes, you just need a song to cheer you up. I think there are only a few songs that can help you get into a better mood under most circumstances. Karen O & The Kids' performance of the Karen O/Carter Burwell-penned song "All Is Love" is one of those songs. This whole song just screams joy to me. Even in the opening moments, the plucked guitar pattern just sets a mellow, happy tone for the entire song. It's a sweet and simple electric lick that has just enough sense of mystery to draw the listener in.

From there, the song goes with much faster strumming on an acoustic guitar with just a hint of distortion. It's a fine choice as it matches the less trained sound of The Kids. There's a raw energy in these kids that is not uncommon to see in a school music class or summer camp. The kids are having fun singing the, putting everything they have into singing it loud, if not necessarily right.

Karen O's vocal is surprisingly sweet to encourage participation. It's a wise trick to get just the right effect. The whole thing sounds like a freshly resurgent memory of the happiest day in your childhood. Karen O takes on the role of the adult who planned a super fun event and you get pulled into the sound of the children singing along.

The best part of the song, to me, is when the drums drop out and the kids start screaming in unison. It never fails to put a smile on my face. The very ending of the song--with the kids shouting "it's love" over and over--cements it there.

If you haven't added this sweet little song to your collection, maybe today's the day to do it.

Thoughts? love to hear them.

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