The Truth About Love by P!nk Review (Album, 2012)

P!nk knows how to write a catchy song. She's also developed a clear artistic identity that is instantly recognizable once she starts singing. There's a wild side to her vocals matched with aggressive, personal lyrics. The Truth About Love is an album filled with catchy songs. Any track could be a single that gets Top 40/CHR play without issue. The hooks are strong and the backing tracks just beyond the expected in modern pop.

That's also the major problem with the album. Taken individually, all of the songs are good; as an album, they're plagued with an overwhelming sameness. You could assign each of the thirteen tracks a card from two through ace and randomly draw to shuffle the album. It won't have any impact on the finished product.

The Truth About Love is a well-written collection of pop songs but not a well-composed album. The only connecting element between the tracks is "P!nk sings edgy pop." If the songs weren't this strong, it would be a musical disaster.

It's not. Even though there's no cohesive thread to the work, the songs sound great. "Are We All We Are" samples the sound of a crowd cheering without coming across as arrogant. "Slut Like You" is another P!nk empowerment anthem that amounts to telling the world where to go over a strong 4/4 rock. "Beam Me Up" is a lovely guitar-driven ballad about what life could be like if everything were different in a tumultuous relationship. It's just a strong field of pop songs.

Is it enough to put together good songs and call it an album? I'm not too sure. There's more sonic cohesion here than on Bruno Mars' debut album, but that doesn't mean that the songs come together in a meaningful way. It would almost be like praising a movie that uses the same characters but completely different stories in every scene. Each scene could be great and still not be a cohesive film without a substantial through line.

P!nk fans will not be disappointed by The Truth About Love. The songs are strong and there's no denying whose album it is. It's everything P!nk has become, for better and for worse. She's a hit making machine with a good eye for spectacle. I just wish that there was a greater thematic or musical thread through this album.

Rating: 6/10

Thoughts on The Truth About Love? I'm still singing along to "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" whenever it comes on the radio. It's catchy. Share your thoughts below.

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